Korean Beauty Makeover at Leez Department Store


Korean Beauty Makeover at Leez Department Store

On the 4th of July I had a cool opportunity to check out Leez Department Store’s grand opening and to stop by for a free Korean beauty makeover! I love getting my makeup done because A) I feel like I have SO much to learn in this department and B) I get to feel pampered! I streamed the makeover on Instagram Live, and though the Live feed is gone now, I wanted to share the products that the makeup artist Christina used on my face. I’m in love with the natural look she created and I am planning on purchasing a bunch of these products to replicate it at home!

Before the korean beauty makeover

Waiting to get beautified

The Products


dr g hydra intensive tonerDr. G Hydra Intensive Toner: The first step was a moisturizer toner that is fit for sensitive skin. My skin is SUPER rough, dry, and sensitive right now because of my retinoid dermatitis, so this was a welcome moisturizer that didn’t irritate my skin more.

Goodal tangerine gel creamGoodal Green Tangerine Moist Fresh Gel Cream: Extra moisturizer for my underye area where the skin is thin and prone to drying out. This cream contains Vitamins C and E.


Clio Kill BrowTattoo Lasting Gel Pencil in light brown: This brow gel pencil is amazing and is one of the ones I’m going to purchase. The color stays on all day even after walking around and sweating in the humid NYC weather. The pencil comes with a gel tip and at the other end a brush. I love the brush because I can blur out the harsh edges that appear when I first draw the shape of the brow.

Clio Art highlighter in pearl white: Christina used a bit of white shimmery highlight under my brows and under my eyes to accentuate the eyebrow shape and help make the eyes pop.


Eyeshadows: Christina used a combination of the Clio pro single shadow in G03 pin light, S60 sunshine, and 38 porcelain.

Clio Kill brown brush linerClio kill brown waterproof brush liner for my winged eyeliner and Clio kill brown waterproof pencil eyeliner for my water line. I found an extremely detailed and wonderful review here, so check that out for examples of the waterproof staying power and thickness levels of the different eyeliners. I personally use the Clio kill black waterproof pen liner at home and I will hopefully be replicating this cool winged look now that I have these photos!

Peri pera ink concealer in king vanilla: Christina used this concealer in the under eye area to brighten up my eyes and conceal my dark circles (I need more sleep >_<).


Lip Syrup ClioClio lip gloss lip syrup in number 6 naked rose: This shiny lip gloss gives a natural color to the lips and even if the gloss comes off over time the tint stays. I love this color and will be purchasing it myself!


Clio single face highlighter in 003 (No Blending): light pink with a slight shimmer, this blush gives a rosy finish to the cheeks without looking too bright.


Peri Pera Wholly Deep Mascara (lengthening): super lengthening fibers x 3 coats = pretty lashes!


peri pera ink cushion

Peripera ink lasting mint cushion (in beige): I am still bright red from my retinoid dermatitis so this color correcting green tinted cushion compact foundation was actually perfect. I haven’t used color correction much but I immediately went out and bought one afterwards because the green hides redness so well. This cushion compact is extremely affordable at $15 on Amazon, and qualifies for prime shipping as well! It did a great job covering up red blotchy spots and layering on an even coat of foundation.

Setting spray:

Clio Makeup Fix MistClio perfection makeup fix mist: I’m not one to usually use setting spray but Christina told me that this Clio makeup mist helps to keep the makeup fresh and intact for hours so I wanted to try it to preserve her look! It smells nice and the makeup stayed in place, so it definitely worked.

Korean beauty makeover

The finished look! Thanks Leez beauty and Christina!

Korean beauty makeover

One more selfie

Thank you for doing my makeup and for supplying me with some fun new KBeauty products to try!

Korean Beauty samples

Some goodies to test out!


For a list of all products I mentioned:

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