Morning Routine featuring Skin Resource.MD Baobab Facial Cream


Today I want to share with you guys another product I’ve had the pleasure of trying, the Skin Resource.MD Baobab Skin Correction Facial Cream (c/o). Skin Resource.MD is a skincare company launched by four board-certified dermatologists in San Diego with over 75 years of combined clinical experience. I’m a big fan of products developed by board certified dermatologists, so when they reached out for me to review the Baobab Facial cream, I was definitely interested.

You all know by now that I like to go back to the primary literature and evaluate the scientific evidence. I found one study, a pilot study evaluating the safety and efficacy of Baobab seed oil. Baobab seed oil has a unique ratio of saturated to unsaturated fatty acids which, when applied topically, helps decrease the amount of water we lose through our skin (it decreases transepidermal water loss, for the scientists out there!). This article did not test for this ingredient’s corrective potential, however, meaning it did not look at long term use and how that affects dark spots and fine wrinkles.

baobab skin resource MD cream

When I first started using the product the first thing I noticed was the texture. It comes as a cream but as you put it on with your fingers, the cream melts and it turns into an oil that is spread very easily on facial skin. It doesn’t feel too greasy or occlusive. I started using this cream morning and night for extra hydration, especially since my face is extra dry from my retinoid dermatitis (link here). I’d like to point out that it does not have a scent, however, so if you’re into creams having calming scents, just know that this one is scent-free (that usually means it is less irritating for sensitive skin as well). In the morning, after I washed my face, I would use the Baobab facial cream as a moisturizer underneath my sunscreen, then tinted moisturizer if I want a little more coverage, then makeup. At night, after cleansing, I used the Baobab facial cream alone as a moisturizer. It has really helped my skin stay hydrated and fresh! It also hasn’t irritated my skin further, which I really appreciate since my skin is already so irritated lately.

If you are interested in trying out the Baobab facial cream, use promo code JOYCE20 to receive a 20% discount upon checkout!

Thank you to Skin Resource.MD for partnering with me on this post.

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