May 1 Weekly Skinspiration: Melanoma May


Weekly Skinspiration May 1, 2017

weekly skinspiration

Dermatology Pearl: Melanoma Awareness

Melanoma body


May is melanoma awareness month and I wanted to remind you guys the ABCDE’s of atypical looking moles. This is a handy mnemonic to remember what features to look out for when examining your own moles, since it can get hard to distinguish between what’s a fine and dandy mole and what could be on its way to melanoma. A nifty thing about this mnemonic is that it was actually created by researchers at NYU! I still think about these features when I do total body skin exams to remind myself what is normal and what is abnormal. In general, people tend to make certain types of moles on their bodies, so when we see an “ugly duckling” mole, meaning a mole that looks completely different from the other moles, we are more likely to biopsy it to check for histologic features of atypia. A biopsy is a small procedure in which we numb the skin with an injection of lidocaine, remove some skin tissue with the lesion in question, and then send that tissue for processing in the lab and reading with a dermatopathologist. Depending on the type of biopsy, a punch or a shave, we may or may not put in a stitch or two. The whole procedure typically takes around 5 minutes or less, though the set up may take longer.

If you find a mole on your body that is changing, growing, or in any way shape or form concerning you, you should schedule an appointment to have all the moles on your body checked by a dermatologist. If you’ve ever had a skin cancer, if you have family history of skin cancer, or if you’re high risk (red hair, fair skin, lots of sun exposure, tons of atypical funky moles on your body) you will need more regular skin checks, so you and your dermatologist will become good friends!

AAD ABCDEs melanoma

Beauty Review

Peach & Lily Sheet Mask Set

Peach and Lily Sheet Mask

Alicia Yoon, the founder of Peach & Lily, has spent over a year traveling to Korean skincare factories formulating her version of the perfect sheet mask, and I was so excited to get my hands on some of these babies after hearing about how amazing they are! And I’m happy to report to you guys that they truly live up to the hype. I tried all three of their masks, the reset, chubby cheeks, and good skin day masks, and my personal favorite is the good skin day one because it delivers lasting hydration that kept my skin glowing the entire next day! The sheets are absolutely drenched in essence so they’re literally dripping as you remove them from the packaging. The sheet masks themselves are made of a silky and luxurious cellulose material that adheres to my face much better than the typical cotton sheet masks, and this type of mask holds moisture and essence better as well. The sheetmask did not dry out even after 20 minutes on my skin, and I had bright hydrated skin the immediately afterwards and the next day as well. I will say that I would probably just purchase the hydrating masks because I didn’t find that the other masks especially plumped my skin or decreased redness or irritation. I really appreciate that they list all of the superskin ingredients on the cover of the package (usually it’s a long string in korean on the back in tiny size 8 font!), showing you that the company really prides itself on using high quality ingredients. That being said, I personally did not experience much of a plumping effect or decrease in inflammation in my skin after the other two masks. The biggest benefit of all three was really plain ol’ hydration, in my opinion, which is still worth paying for!

For the full mask set or individual masks:

Fashion Find

Jo Malone London Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne
Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt

Matt and I were shopping in Battery Park City the other day and we wandered into a Jo Malone store. They had so many different rows of cologne and perfume to smell, some designed for women and some leaning more towards men, but the one we both liked the most was the unisex wood sage and sea salt cologne. It reminds me of the ocean and the forest – earthy and woodsy with a hint of ocean spray. It’s light enough for everyday use and has a very nice, fresh, and clean smell. I later purchased it for Matt as a present and it has become “his” scent that he wears everyday to work. I can’t say that I don’t sneak a few sprays of it for myself from time to time 😛

Life Update

With my future chief resident Gaby before we see Ali Wong

With my future chief resident Gaby before we see Ali Wong

  • Saw Ali Wong of Netflix Baby Cobra fame with a few of my colleagues this weekend. It was SO GOOD, albeit SO inappropriate! I like that she hails from my hometown in California and that she tells it like it is. Have any of you caught her new show? I was laughing so hard the entire time!
  • We are officially moving this Wednesday and I’m excited / very nervous! We have movers coming to help pack and move but MAN I did not realize how much stuff we have accumulated over the past 2 years. Matt and I have been slowly packing up our valuables but there is still so much to be done. Not to mention all the paperwork involved with moving out of a building and moving into another one. By the time I write my next Skinspiration post, I’ll be writing from West Village! I just pray that the move occurs without any drama.

In terms of work:

  • Dr. Rigel, former president of the American Academy of Dermatology, came to speak to the residents last week and he gave us some really great advice that I wanted to pass on. He highlighted the importance of finding a mentor early on in your career who will help you along, whether it is helping make introductions, helping you find and negotiate career opportunities, or just teaching you about your field. (I also wrote about this in my post on how to match into competitive specialties here) He also told us to get involved; for me personally this means trying to get more involved as a resident in the American Academy of Dermatology or other dermatologic societies so that I can be a more active member of the derm community.

Have a good week!

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