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My mother-in-law and sister-in-law got me a Stitch Fix subscription for my birthday back in June, and I wanted to review this service now that I have received a few shipments. Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that mails you five items as often as you want, handpicked for you by a member of their design team. When you first set up your account, you fill out a series of questionnaires including your height, weight, bust and hip measurements, body type, what cuts of clothing you like on different parts of your body, and more. Then you click through a series of styleboards like the one below and rate how much you love the various styles (preppy, romantic, edgy, modern, etc.). After you fill in all this data, you choose how often you want a shipment. I decided once per month is good enough for me, and so the fun began!

styleboard stitchfix

Styleboards to see which one matches your personal style

When I receive a Stitch Fix shipment, this is what I see in the box. I get a style card with photos of each item and various outfit ideas I can incorporate them into. I get a receipt with the price of each item, and then of course the items themselves. I also get a prepaid envelope to return the items that I don’t want to keep. There is a $20 styling fee that is paid for each fix; that $20 can be applied towards paying for any of the clothing you want to keep. If you buy ALL five items you get a 25% discount.

Stitch Fix

I took a few photos of my September fix to give you an idea of what types of items are being delivered.
white tulip sleeve blousewhite tulip sleeve blouseThe jeans were part of an earlier fix that I had received. I’m overall really pleased with their selection of jeans. Even I have a hard time finding jeans that fit well without making my legs look too short, and Stitch Fix has been able to find my size pretty perfectly every time. The length is either spot on or can be remedied by a simple fold. Jeans range from $60-$100 usually. I’ve kept two out of the four pairs of pants they have sent me thus far, and I’m pretty happy with both. The white blouse with tulip sleeves here is the only item I ended up keeping from this fix. I really liked that it was simple and elegant enough for work and the tulip sleeves gave an otherwise classic top a little twist.

coral tunic

coral tunic

print crew neck top, bag, teal pants

The coral tunic above had a pretty lace design on the back, but the sizing ran a little large for my taste, which I’ve found to be a common theme in the tops that Stitch Fix has sent me.

This blue patterned crew neck top, cropped teal pants, and the fringe bag were all part of this fix. The tunic could look cute if it were about one size smaller or more cinched at the waist. I tried using a belt which helped but I still didn’t love it because the rest of it was too loose. The leather fringe bag is not really my style, and neither were the cropped teal pants.

Another note about items to request, I had specified that I did not want shoes or jewelry in my fixes, since my shoe size is 4 and hard to find and my taste in jewelry is very specific, but those are also options you can choose.

After I chose my items, I put the rest into the prepaid envelope and drop it into my nearest USPS mailbox. Then I go online and “check out” within 3 days of getting my fix, meaning I designate which items I’m keeping and which ones I’m returning and why. This allows my stylist to have feedback to better pick items for my next shipment.

Overall, I think Stitch Fix is a fun service that works for women who are too busy to go shopping online or in person or need some personal styling expertise to add more pieces to their wardrobe. Size wise, I think their bottoms (jeans, skirts) fit me better than their tops, because their tops and dresses tend to run a bit large on me even though I put down that I prefer petite sizing in everything. I think their selection of petite clothing is limited as they are still developing specialty sizing. Since I am a pretty unique size, I probably would still prefer to choose my own clothing for that reason, as long as I have time to go to the stores and shop.This probably applies for people who are extra tall too, opposite end of the spectrum from me. The personal styling aspect of Stitch Fix is fun; I think the pieces they choose are not always within my desired “feminine and romantic” aesthetic but I like that they throw in new prints and colors that I may not choose myself. I look forward to each fix and it’s always a nice surprise when I find something I love in the package. Price wise, I think $20 for each fix is an acceptable price, especially when that $20 can be applied towards any item you keep. That helps bring down the cost of some of their pricier items like jeans and nice blouses.

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, here is my referral code to join and start getting your own fixes! Have you ever tried Stitch Fix versus other styling programs like Trunk Club or Tog + Porter? Curious what your experience has been!

*NOTE: this review is completely my own opinion, not sponsored or done in partnership with Stitch Fix in any way.


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