Happy Valentine’s Day!


In light of Valentine’s Day (and the fact that my call day has been relatively light so far *knock on wood*) I present to you a couple of awesome V-day inspired links:

The Huntley bouquet for Valentine’s Day from BloomThat

  • Bloom that – This is such an awesome and fresh start up idea! My hubby got me the Huntley bouquet from a new start up featuring curated flowers (the freshest in season) that arrive packaged in a rustic burlap wrap. Flowers are all sourced locally, ordered via mobile app or online, and delivered in under 90 minutes. Best of all, delivery is free! If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan!
  • Taking Risks in Love – Cute NYTimes piece on taking risks and conquering your fears to get ahead in love. My fave part: “This Valentine’s Day, don’t be a risk-averse wimp. Be bold. Treat love as if it were a start-up that will change the world. When you find your target, focus mindfully, and push through the fear. In short, turn off your phone, and propose.”
  • Chocolate Cupcakes with Creamy Raspberry Frosting – A Sally’s Baking Addiction blogpiece featuring these ridiculously mouthwatering and cute cupcakes. If I weren’t on call today I’d be at home making these in large batches as gifts. Check it out! (And bring one to me if you end up making them!)



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