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  • Sunscreen Myths

    Sunscreen Myths: Debunked

    The EWG published the sunscreen “Hall of Shame” which has stirred up controversy over safety of sunscreen ingredients. Before you toss out your bottles, read this post to see what the science actually shows.

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    The Safety of Gel Manis

    We all love our shiny scratch-free gel manicures, but is the UV light safe for our hands? (Spoiler alert: overall, good news!)

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  • Pitera_PassionSet

    SK-II Pitera: truly worth every cent?

    Titled “Miracle Water” for its ability to rejuvenate skin, Pitera has become the most cherished scientific breakthrough in skincare at SK-II. But a deeper look at the science behind Pitera leaves much to be desired.

  • Cocktails

    The Water Challenge

    Sarah Smith experienced incredible improvement in her skin by simply drinking enough water – 3 liters a day for 4 weeks. Join me in the water challenge to hydrate your skin and cleanse your mind and body!

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    A Pain in My Feet

    Did you know that wearing heels causes serious long term damage to your feet? Here’s how to choose and wear heels correctly, so you can rock your Loubies on special occasions for years to come.

  • sunscreen faceshield

    Sunscreen – your invisible faceshield

    I love this video because it visually demonstrates just how effective sunscreen can be. I urge all men and women alike to view this, and I dare you not to wear sunscreen after watching!

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    The Best Residency Programs of 2014

    Do you ever wonder where your doc trained and how good that program really is? Doximity published the first ever residency program ranking tool, bringing you the top 10 residency programs in each specialty. Shoutout to NYU Dermatology for being #1!

black friday

Black Friday 2015 Roundup

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration filled with yummy food and family. I definitely am in sweat pants mode after the huge meals we had today (pics of today’s meal prep and feast on my instagram!). I remember in college my best friend and I would rush over to our nearest malls […] Read more…

Dermatology interviews

The Path to MD: Dermatology Interviews 101

I remember this time two years ago very clearly in my mind. All my other classmates in their respective fields had already received all their interview invites (see my guide to medical interviews here), and I was stressing out of my mind because I had only received a few dermatology golden tickets. (I call them “golden tickets” […] Read more…

Work appropriate makeup

Quick ‘n Easy Makeup Guide for Clinic

I’m going to start this off with a disclaimer: I am by NO means an expert on makeup. But because I love sleeping, I believe I have mastered the art of getting ready in < 10 minutes in the morning with a basic makeup routine for everyday use. I started posting a few clinic selfies on […] Read more…


“Red blanket” VIP Hospital Patients

Earlier this week one of my best friends from medical school, Dr. Shoa Clarke (or Shoa Beans to me :P) published an op-ed in the NYTimes titled “How Hospitals Coddle the Rich.” In the article he describes how many hospitals throughout the country offer VIP services to the wealthy and how that may be detrimental to other patients […] Read more…

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Stanford Med X 2015: It’s a wrap!

This year I was fortunate enough to have the weekend off to fly back to California (#dermlife! all the way) for the annual MedX conference held at Stanford. This conference is near and dear to my heart, not only because it is about how to use emerging technologies to shape the future of healthcare, but […] Read more…

RESIDENCY rankings

Residency Navigator: Program Rankings 2015-2016

Doximity is back with this year’s ranking of residency programs across all specialties! These rankings are based off a methodology taking into account current resident satisfaction, reputation data, and objective data. You can see the rankings based by reputation, research output, size of program, percent subspecialized, and percent board certified. I have compiled the top 10 of […] Read more…

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