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    The Water Challenge

    Sarah Smith experienced incredible improvement in her skin by simply drinking enough water – 3 liters a day for 4 weeks. Join me in the water challenge to hydrate your skin and cleanse your mind and body!

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    A Pain in My Feet

    Did you know that wearing heels causes serious long term damage to your feet? Here’s how to choose and wear heels correctly, so you can rock your Loubies on special occasions for years to come.

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    Sunscreen – your invisible faceshield

    I love this video because it visually demonstrates just how effective sunscreen can be. I urge all men and women alike to view this, and I dare you not to wear sunscreen after watching!

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    The ABC’s of Catching Your Z’s

    Beauty sleep does wonders for your skin, and adults need 7-8 hours of rest a night to fully recharge. Read on for tips to getting your snooze on.

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    The Best Residency Programs of 2014

    Do you ever wonder where your doc trained and how good that program really is? Doximity published the first ever residency program ranking tool, bringing you the top 10 residency programs in each specialty. Shoutout to NYU Dermatology for being #1!

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Wishing You a Merry & Bright Christmas

Merry christmas and happy holidays everyone! I have never sent Christmas cards before but this year my aunt talked me into it since it is me and Matt’s first holiday season as a married couple. I was impressed with Snapfish for pulling off my extremely late order — I ordered on Thursday December 18th, the cards were […] Read more…


Latisse Holiday Promotion

I have posted about my personal experience with Latisse before and a lot of people asked me where to buy this product. I have been too nervous to purchase such an expensive product online despite their significant price advantage, because there doesn’t seem to be any regulation; I’m also pretty afraid of impure product. I have been purchasing my Latisse […] Read more…


Let me repeat: Vaccines DO NOT cause autism

You should know how I feel about vaccines. I’m a medical doctor, and I’ve been trained in science my whole life. I know that vaccines work. They just do. They prevent spread of infections at a low cost. They prevent deaths and save lives. However, it completely boggles my mind why anyone can be selfish or ignorant enough […] Read more…

Roast Turkey

An Almost Healthy Thanksgiving Menu

I love Thanksgiving … and I love the week leading up to Thanksgiving because I dream about all of the yummy food I’m going to stuff myself with! And the LEFTOVERS. My fridge usually looks like something out of a bachelor pad – empty save for a carton of eggs, some nearly expired and wilting veggies, wine, […] Read more…

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