• Teen Suicide in Palo Alto

    Nine suicides at a local high school since 2009 – what can we as a community do?

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    The Water Challenge

    Sarah Smith experienced incredible improvement in her skin by simply drinking enough water – 3 liters a day for 4 weeks. Join me in the water challenge to hydrate your skin and cleanse your mind and body!

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    A Pain in My Feet

    Did you know that wearing heels causes serious long term damage to your feet? Here’s how to choose and wear heels correctly, so you can rock your Loubies on special occasions for years to come.

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    Sunscreen – your invisible faceshield

    I love this video because it visually demonstrates just how effective sunscreen can be. I urge all men and women alike to view this, and I dare you not to wear sunscreen after watching!

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    The ABC’s of Catching Your Z’s

    Beauty sleep does wonders for your skin, and adults need 7-8 hours of rest a night to fully recharge. Read on for tips to getting your snooze on.

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    The Best Residency Programs of 2014

    Do you ever wonder where your doc trained and how good that program really is? Doximity published the first ever residency program ranking tool, bringing you the top 10 residency programs in each specialty. Shoutout to NYU Dermatology for being #1!

Bauble Bar Sample Sale

Baublebar Sample Sale

It has been a goal of mine this year to get better at using accessories, so today’s Baublebar sample sale is a dream come true! I love the bold shapes and multicolor gems, and the prices can’t be beat (mostly $8-$20 picks). As always, free shipping within the US. Shop the whole sample sale here, and […] Read more…


Snail mucus for skincare: …what?

Oh, the things we do for the sake of beauty. Moisturizers and other skincare products derived from snail mucus have been on the market for over five years now, starting in Korea when beauty brand Missha marketed the snail goo as an intense moisturizer and aid for reducing inflammation. The story goes that farmers in Chile […] Read more…


Happy Valentine’s Day!

In light of Valentine’s Day (and the fact that my call day has been relatively light so far *knock on wood*) I present to you a couple of awesome V-day inspired links: Bloom that – This is such an awesome and fresh start up idea! My hubby got me the Huntley bouquet from a new start […] Read more…

Mise en Dior dupe

Get the Look: Mise En Dior Earrings for less

              I’ve been seeing the Mise En Dior tribal-inspired double-pearl earrings everywhere, which go for a cool $400 a pair. Luckily for us, there have been many cheaper versions available, and I was quite happy with my $7.90 Target one that I found today. Unfortunately I can’t find the Target […] Read more…

Internet Round Up

Internet Round Up

This will be short and sweet! Here are some links I found the most interesting this week: 1). Measles Cases Linked to Disneyland Rise…: I am a pretty calm person but after hearing about a measles outbreak at Disneyland I was incensed. Beyond frustrated and extremely angry. The happiest place on earth is no longer […] Read more…

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Wall Art with a Photo Collage

After months of searching and finally buying a house of our own, M & I couldn’t wait to personalize our new place. I’ve never been creative with home decor, but thanks to Pinterest, I found a project for the two of us to tackle. With my OCD-ness for straight frames and M’s engineering brain (what better […] Read more…

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