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    The Best Residency Programs of 2014

    Do you ever wonder where your doc trained and how good that program really is? Doximity published the first ever residency program ranking tool, bringing you the top 10 residency programs in each specialty. Shoutout to NYU Dermatology for being #1!

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    Finally…my wedding video!

    A huge thank you to Trifocus Media who did such a fantastic job shooting and editing our wedding video at Nestldown in Los Gatos, CA!


Introducing…the Residency Navigator!

Today Doximity and US News & World Report revealed a tool they have been collaborating on, the Residency Navigator. This tool comes at a perfect time this year, as fourth year medical students are deciding where they want to submit their applications and where to interview for residency. The methodology involved surveying current and former […] Read more…


Wedding video!

I digress from my usual random medical musings to show you my wedding video! Hot off the press…err, computer. TriFocus Media did such a fabulous job shooting and editing. You would think there was a whole production team but really it was Max and his teammate who captured and made this beautiful piece that so […] Read more…

Doctor-Patient Homicide in China and the US

Came across a super interesting article in The New Yorker last week, titled “Under the Knife – why¬†Chinese patients are turning against their doctors.”¬† It’s a long read but worth your time, I promise! It is a fascinating account of the evolution of the healthcare system in China, highlighting the major changes that have led […] Read more…

NYU taking the lead on 3 year MD programs

The N.Y.U. School of Medicine enrolled 16 students (out of a class of 150) in its first three-year M.D. program last summer. The curriculum is identical to that of the rest of the class, except that the fourth year is missing. And the three-year applicants must know what type of physician they wish to become. […] Read more…

The calm before the storm

Tomorrow I start my internship year, which, for those of you who aren’t familiar with medicine, is the first year of training after graduating from medical school. For the past week I have been sitting in orientation and meeting other interns from around the country who are all doing intern year or medicine residency at […] Read more…


Giving my first on-camera interview

Last week I was fortunate to act as an on-screen host for Big Data in Biomedicine, a yearly conference at Stanford University that discusses current medical research in the field of Big Data. Before I went to this conference, I really did not have a clear grasp of what those two words together meant. A […] Read more…

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The Deceptive Salary of Doctors – an infographic

  An often hotly debated topic in med-related forums is physician compensation. I’ve read countless articles written from a doctor’s perspective, and those articles are usually filled with math and long sentences. I found this infographic particularly refreshing, as it puts the numbers into pictures that, well, a middle school student should understand. After all, […] Read more…

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