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How to Make Your Residency Rank List

It’s that time again…time to finalize your rank list and leave your fate up to a computer algorithm! This year, the rank list is due on February 22, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. (Side note: typing out the letters NRMP STILL make me shake because of my overly dramatic match week experience with them). Congratulations in advance to all the 4th years out […] Read more…

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Hospital Dermatology: Skin Conditions seen as a Consultant

Hospital dermatology is very different from what we see in clinic, and this week marks the end of my last weeknight /weekend call, hooray! For the nonmedical folk, “call” means we are on call as a consultant for any skin-related issues that arise in emergency room (ER) or hospitalized patients. For one calendar year we as […] Read more…

A photo taken by my former classmate, now Dr. Lai, illustrating all of the books it takes to make a physician.

Dermatology Textbook Guide

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about which dermatology textbooks I recommend for premeds, pre-PA students, nursing students, and dermatology residents. There are SO MANY resources out there, enough to make our heads spin, and which book you like entirely depends on your personal learning style. Here are some of the ones that I […] Read more…


Medical School Reunion in NYC

This past weekend we had a mini Stanford medical school reunion in NYC (last one was in Nashville, post here) and it was GLORIOUS! I can’t tell you how much seeing two of my former roommates / besties lifted my spirits since I’ve been feeling kind of stressed out lately. The random 78 degree weather this weekend helped […] Read more…


A Letter to Myself during College Admissions

This past weekend I was home in California and one of my major tasks was cleaning out a huge bookshelf in my room at my parents’ home. This was the room that I grew up in from 8th grade onwards, so the bookshelves were PACKED with stuff. I found school photos from kindergarten onwards, tons […] Read more…

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