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August 14 Weekly Skinspiration: All About Sun Safety

Weekly Skinspiration August 14, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Easy Tips for Sun Safety It has been REALLY sunny in NYC lately, and I find myself having to pack extra accessories and sunscreen with me to keep me protected throughout the day! Here are a few of my trusty items to prevent too much sun exposure: Large hat with […] Read more…


July 3 Weekly Skinspiration: Retinoid Dermatitis

Weekly Skinspiration July 3, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Retinoid dermatitis It’s a real thing! I’ve posted about the anti-aging powers of retinoids before, and I recently decided to try to start my incorporating retinoids into my regimen again. However, I’ve been getting a bad case of retinoid dermatitis, meaning red splotchy dry skin that flakes off […] Read more…


June 19 Weekly Skinspiration: Do Darker Skinned Individuals Need Sunscreen?

Weekly Skinspiration June 19, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Do Dark Skinned Individuals Need Sunscreen? Last week I spoke with Brit + Co in a post about sunscreen safety and the necessity of sunscreen use in darker skinned individuals. While it is true that melanin confers some protection against UV radiation, darker skinned individuals do still sustain DNA damage […] Read more…

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June 12 Weekly Skinspiration: Advances in Dermatology

Weekly Skinspiration June 12, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Highlights from Advances in Dermatology Conference 2017 Last Thursday and Friday I attended the NYU Advances in Dermatology conference that is held every year. It is a really amazing conference in which all of the NYU full time and voluntary faculty give 15-minute lectures on a topic of their choice, […] Read more…


May 29 Weekly Skinspiration: PA vs. SPF and Shower Masks

Weekly Skinspiration May 29, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Asian Sunscreens and PA++ vs. SPF I got the following question from a reader and I thought it was a great one (question edited for length): I’ve been searching for the ‘right’ sunscreen now that it’s getting warmer, and really appreciate your recommendations. =) just a thought- have […] Read more…


May 15 Weekly Skinspiration: How to Treat Scars and Hyperpigmentation

Weekly Skinspiration May 15, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Hyperpigmentation and Scars Let’s talk about SCARS. A lot of people ask me about scars and what they can use to lighten the appearance. What I tell my patients is that time is what will work the best to eventually lighten the darkened color over many many months to […] Read more…

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