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April 23 Weekly Skinspiration: Total Body Skin Exams, RMS Beauty, and the North Fork

Weekly Skinspiration April 17, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Total Body Skin Exams A sizable chunk of my day in clinic is spent doing total body skin exams (TBSE’s) to check for skin cancer. What exactly am I looking for? Anything out of the ordinary. That includes funky or atypical moles, weird rashes, lumps and bumps that […] Read more…

Best of SkinCeuticals

Best of SkinCeuticals: A Scientific Review

SkinCeuticals Scientific Review SkinCeuticals Scientific Review After hearing about Skinceuticals from all of my favorite dermatology attendings (see their expert picks here), I have been dying to try their products and post a SkinCeuticals product review for you guys. I have been testing out a couple of their favorites among dermatologists the past few months […] Read more…

Residency Rank List

Making Your Residency Rank List

February means celebrating Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and…submitting your residency rank list! According to the NRMP website, this year’s rank list is due February 22 at 9 PM ET. (Side note: typing out the letters NRMP gave me slight PTSD because of my overly dramatic match week experience with them). For all the fourth year […] Read more…

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Hospital Dermatology: Skin Conditions seen as a Consultant

Hospital dermatology is very different from what we see in clinic, and this week marks the end of my last weeknight /weekend call, hooray! For the nonmedical folk, “call” means we are on call as a consultant for any skin-related issues that arise in emergency room (ER) or hospitalized patients. For one calendar year we as […] Read more…

Winter Skincare Guide

Winter Skincare Tips

Temperatures dipped to sub-40 today and we know what that means…time to transition to winter skincare! The dry air, heavy winds, and heaters on full blast at home wreak havoc on our skin and lips, making them more sensitive and prone to redness, irritation, and flaking. Here are some things to keep in mind as we […] Read more…

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