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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Blanknyc leather jacket

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Picks

Early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 has begun, and I have to share with you guys, this is one of my favorite sales of the year! In the Office This Halogen pleat front top is cute and clinic appropriate, with a mock neck and back buttons; so is this J Crew ruffle neck […] Read more…


June 5 Weekly Skinspiration: How to Wash your Face

Weekly Skinspiration June 5, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: How to Wash your Face Did you know there are “correct” ways to wash your face?! I didn’t either until I saw this AAD video on the proper techniques to cleanse your face. See the tips below: Use a mild gentle cleanser that doesn’t dry out your face. Avoid ingredients like […] Read more…


May 29 Weekly Skinspiration: PA vs. SPF and Shower Masks

Weekly Skinspiration May 29, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Asian Sunscreens and PA++ vs. SPF I got the following question from a reader and I thought it was a great one (question edited for length): I’ve been searching for the ‘right’ sunscreen now that it’s getting warmer, and really appreciate your recommendations. =) just a thought- have […] Read more…

weekly skinspiration

May 8 Weekly Skinspiration: Dry Shampoo, Bar Carts, and Moving

Weekly Skinspiration May 8, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Dry Shampoo Last week I shared my thoughts on dry shampoo with (read the article here) and I wanted to jot down the main points here. I’ve already had some of my med school besties text me in horror because dry shampoo is a STAPLE for busy […] Read more…


May 1 Weekly Skinspiration: Melanoma May

Weekly Skinspiration May 1, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Melanoma Awareness May is melanoma awareness month and I wanted to remind you guys the ABCDE’s of atypical looking moles. This is a handy mnemonic to remember what features to look out for when examining your own moles, since it can get hard to distinguish between what’s a fine […] Read more…

Seoul Wall

Seoul Travel Guide Part 1

Seoul Travel Guide Part 1 I visited Seoul with Matt and his extended family for the first time last month and I wanted to share our Seoul travel guide! It was a short trip since I could only take a week off for vacation during this particular rotation but it actually felt like a sufficient amount […] Read more…

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