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Seoul Wall

Seoul Travel Guide Part 1

Seoul Travel Guide Part 1 I visited Seoul with Matt and his extended family for the first time last month and I wanted to share our Seoul travel guide! It was a short trip since I could only take a week off for vacation during this particular rotation but it actually felt like a sufficient amount […] Read more…


Green Smoothie Recipe On the Go

If you’ve been keeping up with my Snapchat you know that I have developed a little obsession with green smoothies, but I’m constantly astounded at the prices. In Manhattan a green smoothie costs you ~$10, which let’s be honest, can feed someone a real meal at a sit down restaurant (ok fine maybe a diner). […] Read more…

Zen Does does Nashville

Stanford Medical School Zen Den Reunion in Nashville

Medical school is like hazing; you go through it and the tough experiences makes you bond even closer with your classmates! I came out of Stanford Med with 5 best friends, four of whom I lived with in a house in downtown Palo Alto my third and fourth years. The house was owned and managed […] Read more…

ACNE and food cookies

The True Link between Food and Acne

I’ve heard many many links between specific foods causing acne in dermatology clinic (dermatologist approved acne treatment algorithm here). Patients have suggested yogurt, beer, cheese, cereal, chocolate, cinnamon, you name it! My own father swears that when he eats oily Mickey D’s, he gets acne breakouts on his nose. So I was actually pretty excited […] Read more…

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