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Seoul Wall

Seoul Travel Guide Part 1

Seoul Travel Guide Part 1 I visited Seoul with Matt and his extended family for the first time last month and I wanted to share our Seoul travel guide! It was a short trip since I could only take a week off for vacation during this particular rotation but it actually felt like a sufficient amount […] Read more…

weekly skinspiration

April 23 Weekly Skinspiration: Total Body Skin Exams, RMS Beauty, and the North Fork

Weekly Skinspiration April 17, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Total Body Skin Exams A sizable chunk of my day in clinic is spent doing total body skin exams (TBSE’s) to check for skin cancer. What exactly am I looking for? Anything out of the ordinary. That includes funky or atypical moles, weird rashes, lumps and bumps that […] Read more…


New Orleans Travel Guide

Last month we headed to New Orleans for the first time to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. It’s no secret that the food scene in New Orleans is amazing, and thanks to a lot of you for sending me so many great recommendations! Even the thunderstorms and insane crowds because of the Sugar Bowl did […] Read more…

Jean George Tea with MD

2016 Reflections: Year in Review and Thanks

I can’t believe that it is already time for a 2016 reflection post. 2016 was a controversial year. There were a lot of good times and some pretty bad ones. In my personal life it was probably the most stable one I’ve had in a while, since I am married, didn’t move locations, and didn’t change jobs. Looking […] Read more…

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