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The Ups & Downs in My Path to Dermatology

I promised this post a while back and I think this topic is fitting for my first post of the new year because it’s all about new beginnings. I was not a traditional applicant to dermatology and because I decided late in the game, the months leading up to the match were the most stressful […] Read more…

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Stanford Med X 2015: It’s a wrap!

This year I was fortunate enough to have the weekend off to fly back to California (#dermlife! all the way) for the annual MedX conference held at Stanford. This conference is near and dear to my heart, not only because it is about how to use emerging technologies to shape the future of healthcare, but […] Read more…

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“Killer Tan” PSA warns about melanoma risk

Unsuspecting New Yorkers walked into Vitamin Sun expecting to get a tan during a frigid winter month, but instead, were surprised with funerals…their funerals. This PSA is sponsored by Mollie’s Fund, a nonprofit organization promoting melanoma awareness and prevention, set up in honor of Mollie Biggane, a girl who died of melanoma at the age of 20. A […] Read more…


Let me repeat: Vaccines DO NOT cause autism

You should know how I feel about vaccines. I’m a medical doctor, and I’ve been trained in science my whole life. I know that vaccines work. They just do. They prevent spread of infections at a low cost. They prevent deaths and save lives. However, it completely boggles my mind why anyone can be selfish or ignorant enough […] Read more…


Introducing…the Residency Navigator!

September 2014 Residency Navigator UPDATE: For the newest 2017-2018 rankings, please click HERE. Today Doximity and US News & World Report revealed a tool they have been collaborating on, the Residency Navigator. This tool comes at a perfect time this year, as fourth year medical students are deciding where they want to submit their applications and […] Read more…

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