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June 12 Weekly Skinspiration: Advances in Dermatology

Weekly Skinspiration June 12, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Highlights from Advances in Dermatology Conference 2017 Last Thursday and Friday I attended the NYU Advances in Dermatology conference that is held every year. It is a really amazing conference in which all of the NYU full time and voluntary faculty give 15-minute lectures on a topic of their choice, […] Read more…


June 5 Weekly Skinspiration: How to Wash your Face

Weekly Skinspiration June 5, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: How to Wash your Face Did you know there are “correct” ways to wash your face?! I didn’t either until I saw this AAD video on the proper techniques to cleanse your face. See the tips below: Use a mild gentle cleanser that doesn’t dry out your face. Avoid ingredients like […] Read more…


May 15 Weekly Skinspiration: How to Treat Scars and Hyperpigmentation

Weekly Skinspiration May 15, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Hyperpigmentation and Scars Let’s talk about SCARS. A lot of people ask me about scars and what they can use to lighten the appearance. What I tell my patients is that time is what will work the best to eventually lighten the darkened color over many many months to […] Read more…


May 1 Weekly Skinspiration: Melanoma May

Weekly Skinspiration May 1, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Melanoma Awareness May is melanoma awareness month and I wanted to remind you guys the ABCDE’s of atypical looking moles. This is a handy mnemonic to remember what features to look out for when examining your own moles, since it can get hard to distinguish between what’s a fine […] Read more…

weekly skinspiration

April 23 Weekly Skinspiration: Total Body Skin Exams, RMS Beauty, and the North Fork

Weekly Skinspiration April 17, 2017 Dermatology Pearl: Total Body Skin Exams A sizable chunk of my day in clinic is spent doing total body skin exams (TBSE’s) to check for skin cancer. What exactly am I looking for? Anything out of the ordinary. That includes funky or atypical moles, weird rashes, lumps and bumps that […] Read more…

Best of SkinCeuticals

Best of SkinCeuticals: A Scientific Review

SkinCeuticals Scientific Review SkinCeuticals Scientific Review After hearing about Skinceuticals from all of my favorite dermatology attendings (see their expert picks here), I have been dying to try their products and post a SkinCeuticals product review for you guys. I have been testing out a couple of their favorites among dermatologists the past few months […] Read more…

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