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Glossier beauty products
I’ve heard so much about Glossier’s beauty products from friends and Facebook (their FB marketing is ON POINT), so I wanted to try out some of these goodies for myself! Glossier sent me some of their popular products to try and here’s what I think. Spoiler alert: these are a fan favorite for a good reason.

Boy Brow c/o

Glossier boy brow

Pre boy brow

Glossier boy brow

Boy brow’ed!

This was the product I saw everywhere on Facebook and I am now using it every…single…day. I have the black brow pomade which is quick and easy to use and makes a difference without making you look made up. (Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I want a more made up look and for that I use my Anastasia brow kit). A few light swipes allow you to fill in your brows with some light pigment and also groom your unruly brow hairs into place. One thing I’ve noticed is if I have too much waxy product on the brush, a quick application may leave a black smudge on my eyebrow that I have to rub off. I’m always rushing in the morning so I may switch to the clear boy brow to get the grooming effect without risk of going to work with Bert from Sesame Street brows.
Bert from Sesame Street

Priming Moisturizer

Priming Moisturizer c/o

The priming moisturizer provides buildable moisture and evens out your complexion, (somewhat) hiding your pores and blurring imperfections, to create a nice smooth canvas for makeup application. It functions as a moisturizer plus primer in one. I was never one to believe in the power of primers, but lately I’ve changed my ways. I find that when I use a primer prior to my CC cushion, the foundation goes on more smoothly. It also helps to have a moisturizer plus primer together; previously I was using moisturizer first and then primer on top, and the layering of products made my skin feel sticky. The Glossier priming moisturizer doesn’t have as much coverage as other primers I have tried, such as the Etude House face blue primer with Spf 50. My pores are still pretty visible after using the priming moisturizer so I definitely can’t wear it alone. It also does not contain SPF so you need to use sunscreen prior to putting on this primer. If you’re looking for a primer with more coverage you may need to try other brands. Another thing I kind of dislike is the scent; it smells kind of industrial and I would have preferred a light lavender scent like it’s more luxurious counterpart the priming moisturizer rich.

I do like that this priming moisturizer contains antioxidants with vitamins A, C, and E, as well as hyaluronic acid, a super ingredient in anti-aging (read all my tips on powerful anti-aging ingredients here!). The moisturizer feels thin, unlike its more luxurious counterpart the Priming Moisturizer Rich (below), so it’s easy to spread and use underneath makeup. Some primers have no moisturizing effects so Glossier helps you skip that step by combining primer plus moisturizer together. I recommend this if you’re looking for a good morning moisturizer and/or a primer with minimal coverage, since it kills two birds with one stone. However, I tend to reach more for my primers with more coverage to hide my pores, and ones that also contain sunscreen to lessen the number of greasy products I have to use.


Priming Moisturizer Rich (thanks to Dr. Elyse for letting me try hers out!)

Glossier beauty products

Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich

This is a souped up fancier and heavier version of the priming moisturizer that I tested as a night cream. This delightful lavender-scented cream contains ceramides, which you can think of as the mortar holding together the skin cells, and fatty acids, which help maintain your waterproof skin barrier. It also has shea butter mixed with murumuru butter, a firm butter (often used in haircare) made from the seeds of the murumuru palm trees. This mix helps to lock in moisture and keep your skin soft. I thought this was a fantastic cream for its price point of $35. It did feel a little on the heavier and thicker side, so it took longer with more strokes to apply evenly than some of my other thinner night creams. After dabbing it on, it melted into my skin and provided good hydration throughout the night, even with the heater on. This is probably an advantage for those with dry skin – you WANT something thick to protect your skin through the harsh winter climate! I found it a little too heavy to use during the day under makeup but that’s my opinion. Overall this is probably my second favorite Glossier product, after the boy brow.

Glossier balm dot comBalm dot com c/o

I like to think of Balm dot com, one of Glossier’s cult favorites, as extra hydration in a tube. This product is basically a hydrating skin salve that I like to use to protect dry areas on my skin or lips during the day. It contains castor seed oil, beeswax, lanolin, fruit extract, and antioxidants in the form of rice bran and rosemary leaves. I like to use it as lip balm (my lips are constantly chapped from walking in the wind!) or as a salve for my cuticles. Personally, I think this product reminds me of Vaseline, and its benefits are about the same as Vaseline. This balm helps to protect dry chapped skin; I’ll leave it up to you whether or not you think that is worth $12.

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For more information and expertise on Glossier beauty products check out my good friend Elyse’s Glossier rep page!

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