Gift Guide for the Medical Professional


Christmas 2016 gift guide

It’s that time again! Time to show the medical professional in your life a little extra love, since we have been working so hard all year long. Here are some of my ideas for gifts for your favorite MD/RN/PA, ranging from silly to random to practical. Even if we’re stuck at the hospital this Christmas, we will still feel the love :)

Tailored white coat: I have never had a white coat that fit me well; ever since I was a med student I’ve been drowning in white coats, looking like I was trying to wear my dad’s clothing. All that changed when Medelita reached out to me and I was able to try on one of their petite friendly, specially embroidered white coats. I have the M3 Ellody lab coat in 00 (c/o) and it fits me SO WELL! I finally have a tailored white coat that helps me look professional and it makes a huge difference.


personalized doctor mug

Thank you Sal! My favorite mug ever <3

Personalized Doctor Mug: This remains one of my favorite gifts of all time. My best friend from college mailed me this mug after I had called her several times stressed and unhappy during my surgery rotation. She lived in NYC at the time and she wanted to support me and lift my spirits, so she ordered this special gift for me. I use it all the time while studying and it always reminds me that I have such a great network of friends and family cheering me on.

“Doctor Shoes” on Crocs: I love that they have a doctor page! Crocs makes some comfortable, water resistant (and other-types-of liquid-resistant, important in the medical field, if you know what I mean) clogs. These even go down to size 4 and all the way up to size 12! The Specialist is on sale right now for just $23.99, which is less than I paid for my surgery clogs from Payless (yes I still wear them, 4th year in a row). When I was on my ob/gyn rotation every single resident was sporting one of these shoes. If they’re good enough for the floods in the delivery room then they’re good enough for me.

Rose gold stethoscope: I love rose gold and this trendy stethoscope is really pretty, plain and simple. Disclaimer: I have never actually used this stethoscope so I don’t know how well it works. I used a trusty Littman Cardiology Stethoscope as a medical student, and it was a great tool. Of course now my stethoscope sits in a corner of my dresser gathering dust but hey…one day during a complex med-derm case I might bring it out again right?

Coffee scrubs

Comfortable scrubs: I personally love my FIGS scrubs because they’re fitted and petite-friendly. It’s like…going to work in your pajamas. My favorites are the Isabela 2 pocket scrub in xxs and Fizi skinny scrub pants in xs, as well as the women’s long sleeve underscrub now that it’s getting so chilly out. Get 20% off your order with code TEAMDFIGS!

Rose Gold EKG necklace: I’m a little obsessed with rose gold at the moment and this necklace is cute and extremely nerdy at the same time. Yes it’s not exactly the PQRST waves but we get the picture…

Hello Kitty badge reel: Perfect for those in pediatrics!

In the Flesh

“In the Flesh” skin plushie

Plush organs: I posted this last year but I have to post it again. These are adorable little stuffed…organs. It sounds creepy but they’re really cute and they come with these punny sayings. “I lung you,” “Party pupil in the house” (eyeball), “You move me” (colon). Who wouldn’t want one of these to represent their nerdy specialty?!

What are you hoping for this year? Any ideas for me to add to the gift guide? I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for Christmas 😀

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  1. Farrah
    December 19, 2016 at 1:12 am (1 year ago)

    I am so with you there! I generally drown in all my white coats as well–having a tailored one definitely makes a huge difference! That mug is super awesome too! <3


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