Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Beauty Finds


I’ve already shared several of my top picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (shoe edition and winter edition) and some of those have been slowly finding their way to my front door. Very slowly. In fact I think the bulk of it arrives tomorrow – reviews to come soon I promise! Today I wanted to share some beauty picks that A) rarely go on sale and B) are near and dear to my heart, including my Clarisonic Mia 2, two of my favorite fragrances (Chanel and Chloe), and the best makeup remover and face cleaner for sensitive skin in one bottle. I buy most of these things full price throughout the year anyways, so I made a mental note to stock up now and take advantage of the sale.

Some standouts that I’m excited to share:

  • Lancome eye makeup remover: ever since I got hooked on Latisse (review of this FDA approved product for lash growth here) I have become even more fond of mascara (honestly, prior to Latisse, my lashes were so short that mascara made no difference…), and that stuff is so hard to remove. I’ve written before about the proper way to remove makeup, and one of the most delicate areas with thin skin is around your eyes. A special eye makeup remover gently cleans away dirt and makeup without needing much force tugging on the skin (which can worsen eye wrinkles!)
  • Clarisonic Mia 2: I do believe that this cleanser delivers a deeper clean than normal face wash and your hands, and it is also great for exfoliating a few times per week. I personally have a Mia 2, which delivers 2 speeds for different depth of cleansing, good if you have areas of the skin that are extra sensitive. Since my skin is more sensitive, I try to use my Clarisonic about twice a week. I also took advantage of this sale to order replacement brush heads for my Mia that are especially geared towards sensitive skin. The brush heads typically needs to be changed out every 3-5 months.
  • Restocking my favorite fragrances: Chanel Eau Tendre for everyday use and Chloe for nights out
  • Instant Beauty Palette: I don’t like having too many different makeup products (I still use the Urban Decay Naked palette as my main eyeshadow palette over all these years) so I like the idea of a look in a box, with shades for your eyes, lips, and cheeks all together.
  • Fresh soy face cleanser: just got mine in the mail last night and so excited to have a gentle face wash that also removes makeup! Still, don’t skimp on an extra eye makeup remover because that stuff is so stubborn!

Just a reminder, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open right now just to cardmembers (debit or credit); it opens to the general public on 7/22. I think there will be a mad rush when it finally opens, so preload your items into your cart so you can check out efficiently before items are sold out! Several items are already backordered because of overwhelming popularity. What are some of your favorite beauty picks?

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