Valentine’s Gift Inspiration for Men


So I realized today that for the most part, men are doing the shopping for Valentine’s Day. It can be quite hard for guys to pick out gifts for their significant others; knowing what women want is not a simple task! I put together a quick guide to Valentine’s Day gift shopping for the men, based off of my personal experience:

Some Tips:

  • Know your audience. If your gal is health conscious and counts carbs, don’t get her chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Similarly, if you’ve never seen her with a stuffed animal in her life, don’t get her a stuffed animal.
  • Pay attention to things that she points out she likes whenever you guys are out. Store that little gem in your mind for future holidays :)
  • Shared experiences can be great presents! M got me a French macaron baking class as a gift once and it was so much fun. Concerts, classes, picnics, or even just planning out a cute and thoughtful date. Women appreciate your time and effort!
  • Get gifts that you know will fit her, meaning find out for sure her clothing / shoe / ring size before getting her things that she won’t actually wear but will be too nice to tell you she’ll never wear.
  • Call me old fashioned but I still love flowers. Unless your SO has specifically said that she DOES NOT like flowers (sustainability, waste of money, etc.? I don’t know…), I think most girls would appreciate a nice bouquet on V-day. Per our annual Valentine’s Day tradition, I ordered a bouquet of flowers for my mom using the Bouqs and had a pretty nice experience. M ordered me flowers from BloomThat last year, which kind of took my breath away.
  • If your SO has a particular hobby, try getting her something related to that hobby. For ex: if she LOVES baking, consider a cupcake stand or a cute baking pan or stylish apron from Anthropologie. If she loves working out, get her a monthly subscription to Classpass!

Below are some gift ideas for men to get the lovely ladies in their lives. I chose a selection of gifts that do not need knowledge of sizing and would be universally appreciated (in my opinion!) by any woman out there.

Happy gifting!

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