My Winter Skincare Tips on Career Girl Daily!


Last week an article I wrote for Career Girl Daily was published! I’m about to head into my first real East Coast winter, so what better time to research and blog about the ultimate winter skincare survival guide. I’m especially happy to partner with CGD on this post because I personally am a huge fan of their blog, which churns out fun and smart articles for young professional women covering everything from fashion and skincare to career advice.


The biggest point I wanted to hit home in my CGD post is that winter wind outdoors combined with blasting heaters inside means your skin gets dried the heck out. To combat this, you need to amp up your moisturizer game, hydrate through your diet, practice shower smarts, and, lest we forget this is a dermatology resident’s blog, put on that sunscreen whether it’s rain or shine. Head on over to the CGD blog to get the full scoop!

What are some of your tips to keep your skin glowing during the cold winter months?

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