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A few weekends ago I visited California for a wedding and I saw a couple girlfriends of mine take out their gorgeous iphone cases decorated with various floral prints. I’m a huge sucker for anything girly and floral, so I immediately went to the website they bought these cases from and found a collection of the most beautiful products I can actually use around the clinic! If you haven’t visited Rifle Paper Co yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for, because this stationery and gift brand has got designing for the modern woman down to a T. I was fortunate to receive some of their products to try and I am so excited to share my review of these, as well as the many many other RPC products I’m going to put on my Christmas wish list this holiday season.

Rifle Paper Co

I received the peach blossom iphone 6 case, a pair of pocket notebooks, and a 2016 planner (c/o). I can already say that these products are life-changing. Not only are these useful tools to help me stay organized around the office, they also infuse a bit of sparkle into clinic life!

My favorite product out of the lot has to be the iphone case (available in iphone 6 and 6S sizing). This case is part of a new collaboration between RPC and the ultra-feminine Lauren Conrad of Paper Crown, and it is as durable as it is beautiful. Made out of polycarbonate, this extremely light case hugs the iphone tightly and the sides of the case contain a no-slip coating that make it easy to grip. I love the fact that the backing is clear, so if you have a colorful iphone, that color will act as a background. The cherry on top is the gold foil stamp design on the flowers, which catches the light. I’ve received tons of compliments about the case already, and it is easily one of my favorite accessories. Some of the other iphone cases I love:

What I love most about this brand, started by a husband and wife team in their garage back in 2009, is the high quality materials used to make all of their products. The 17-month planner (August 2015-December 2016) contains both weekly and monthly calendars and even special sections for you to write down notes, contacts and your favorite inspirational quotes. I also like the strap that fits over the cover that keeps all my papers inside nice and snug. The paper in the planner, just like in the notebooks, is thick and won’t easily rip or fold. The pocket notebooks fit perfectly into my white coat pockets and into the smallest of handbags too, great for busy women on the go. Unlike cheaper products, Rifle Paper Co. stationery can easily withstand everyday use.

Here are some of my favorite products that are both practical and stylish for your office desk:

Something that distinguishes women from girls, in my opinion, is investing in cute, high quality stationery. As we get older and friends move further away from each other, a handwritten “thank you” or “thinking of you” card goes a long way! Here are some cute greeting cards, including a winter collection just in time for the holidays:

Can I also point out that they make personalized stationery including business cards? These are so on my list when I’m an attending dermatologist (take note, future office manager!).

I’d be curious to hear any experiences you’ve had with Rifle Paper Co. products! Everything I’ve heard from my friends and on social media have been nothing short of glowing.

Thank you to Rifle Paper Co. for collaborating on this post! As usual, all reviews and thoughts are my own.


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