Weekend in East Hamptons: Home cooking and The Girl on the Train



Being new to the East Coast, I didn’t fully get the appeal of going away for the weekend, but after having spent the past few days with M’s sister and her family in East Hamptons, I totally understand! Even though I was only 2.5 hours away by train, it felt like a whole new world. You’ve got the mountains, the beaches, the wineries, the cute downtown areas; what else do you even need? It was so refreshing to be away from the hurriedness of the city, almost like I was at a peaceful retreat. We spent most of the weekend at the beautiful home and did a brief outing to Wolffer Estate Vineyard for a picnic on the lawn. It was such an awesome chance to relax and spend some much needed time with family.


Our peaceful retreat

The trip was all about family time and enjoying the numerous activities we could do in the house. We shot hoops, basked in the sun (with that SPF 50 on, of course), watched the girls attack each other with water guns, and spent a good chunk of time in the pool or by the pool. I finally read “The Girl on the Train” which I’ve heard so much about recently. It’s a psychological thriller and a page turner for sure, but still not as interesting and shocking to me as my honeymoon read, “Gone Girl”. I think a part of it is that all the characters are in desperate need of psychotherapy and each bumbling turn the protagonist made left me smacking my forehead muttering, “Don’t do that!” in an exasperated tone. Anyways, I always get withdrawal after finishing books and in this case, I wanted to discuss the book and its crazy ending with others, so let me know if you’ve read it too!

M’s sister whipped up some amazing home cooked meals; one tip she shared was the Huffington Post 23 top favorite (and easy!) summer salad recipes. Pictured below is the roasted Moroccan Carrot Salad with Chickpeas and yogurt sauce.












This bed was hands down one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept on! I kept asking M to look at what heavenly pillowtop mattress was under there.


So obsessed with this mint green tub in the master suite! I must have taken at least ten photos of it in different lighting.


IMG_8190 My beautiful niece hanging out on our balcony

We spent Saturday evening visiting Wolffer Estate Vineyard which hosts “Sunset Fridays & Saturdays” on the lawn. We brought our picnic blankets and enjoyed some wine with live music while watching a beautiful sunset above the vineyard. The kids danced to the music and the adults drank some great Rose — it was a win-win situation!


IMG_8215 IMG_8212 IMG_8211IMG_8192


The commute wasn’t horrible and the Sunday evening express Long Island Railroad is a semi-direct shot from the Hamptons back to Manhattan. Though I just got back a few hours ago, the weekend already (sadly) feels far away. Can’t wait to visit again soon!


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  1. jennventures
    August 24, 2015 at 1:39 pm (2 years ago)

    Looks like such a relaxing weekend getaway — and OMG that tub is gorgeous!!!


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