“Killer Tan” PSA warns about melanoma risk


Unsuspecting New Yorkers walked into Vitamin Sun expecting to get a tan during a frigid winter month, but instead, were surprised with funerals…their funerals. This PSA is sponsored by Mollie’s Fund, a nonprofit organization promoting melanoma awareness and prevention, set up in honor of Mollie Biggane, a girl who died of melanoma at the age of 20. A recent study published by my medical school classmate Dr. Wehner showed that 35% of all adults, 55% of college students, and 19% of teens have been exposed to indoor tanning. Tanning not only increases your risk of melanoma, but also your risk of basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer as well (two other types of skin cancers). This is as easy as choosing not to smoke. Don’t increase your risk of skin cancer. Spread the word!

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