Giving my first on-camera interview


Last week I was fortunate to act as an on-screen host for Big Data in Biomedicine, a yearly conference at Stanford University that discusses current medical research in the field of Big Data. Before I went to this conference, I really did not have a clear grasp of what those two words together meant. A lot…of information? Turns out that is exactly what it is, but the applications of big data go far beyond anything I had imagined. Through interviewing key speakers and organizers of the conference, including PI’s (primary investigators) of prominent labs at Stanford and Oxford, businessmen, and physicians, I began to get an idea of the widespread effects this field can have on the future of personalized medicine.

I will post more of these interviews in the days to come, but just to give you a teaser, here is an interview that I gave in the Big Data studio. It was my first time being interviewed instead of being the interviewee, so I was pretty nervous. surprisingly more nervous than when I asked the questions. However, Hayley Goldbach, the current Stanford-NBC News Global Health Media Fellow; Bita Ryan, our producer; Al Lopez and Hing Ng, camera and sound crew; and Jake Johnson, our editor, did a great job, and made the experience go smoothly. What a dream team for me to work with. Enjoy!

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