In the midst of residency applications


I apologize to my readers that I have not had time to update in such a long while! I have been preoccupied with the all consuming task of applying to residency. For non-medical folk, that means putting together your personal statement, filling out the online application with your publications and extracurricular activities, and requesting letters of recommendation from faculty you have worked with. It is an intimidating process at times, especially the thought of not knowing where you will be for the next x number of years (if you count fellowship). Overall, I have to say it is not as bad as medical school applications, where you have to write separate mini essays for each school you apply to. I will try to keep the blog updated as I go through the adventure of residency applications, from interviewing to that highly anticipated day, Match Day 2014, when I find out where I will be heading off to for residency.

Stay tuned!

Step 1. Get into residency. Then you can work on the above…

Side note: I’ve just come across the original source for these wonderful medical school / residency / attending comics, and the artist is actually an anesthesiologist from Atlanta! She started these comics when she was a medical student and felt that she needed a creative outlet. I have to say, she sounds like my hero…a witty, experienced woman in medicine who can draw AND have two children AND write her very own book? Amazing. Check out the rest of her comics here.

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