ADHD and Ritalin: are we overmedicating our kids?


Kerri Child Mind Institute.jpg

Today Show producer Kerri Z. interviewing Dr. Koplewicz as camera man makes adjustments

This past week I went on my first shoot with Kerri to the Child Mind Institute, where we interviewed Dr. Harold Koplewicz, a prominent child and adolescent psychiatrist. He had written a response piece defending ADHD medications after Dr. Alan Sroufe’s “Ritalin Gone Wrong” article in the NYTimes a few days prior. At the Child Mind Institute we heard about Dr. Koplewicz’s point of view about ADHD in the US and medications for children, and we also interviewed a family whose child seems to function better on a modified version of Ritalin for 10 months. On the flip side, Kerri also did an interview with Dr. Sroufe who wrote the original piece, which, in my opinion (and to his credit), was a little bit misunderstood. Here’s the final piece titled “Over-medicating ADHD…or over-blaming Parents?” on “The Today Show”, which aired today.

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