Soros Blogpost and News Profile Up Online


Two quick blasts today:

I wrote up a guest blogpost for the Open Society Foundation (Soros’ philanthropic org) on the power of the narrative. A few posts ago I wrote about how much of an impact the documentary “Restoring the Light” made on me. Drawing from that experience, I went on to explore how and why the narrative makes such a compelling case for global health. Brett Thompson, my mentor at OSF, gave me the link to Dan Ariely’s talk on the “singularity effect”, an interesting phenomenon in which individuals are more likely to give aid when they can identify a single individual who will benefit from help. The video is reposted here below. Please check out my guest post and let me know what you think! The singularity effect is fascinating to me and I hope to write a longer post about it in the near future.

Second link is to my news story on Tiffany ‘Uhilamoelangi-Hautau, a health worker assisting Pacific Islander patients in navigating the American health-care system in East Palo Alto. She was an absolutely fascinating character and I was so fortunate to get the chance to interview her and tell her story. Her family of activists is certainly an inspiration to community health workers in the Bay Area.


Tiffany’s sister, mother, and her in traditional Pacific Islander dress

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