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My first guest blogpost has been published on this morning! Dr. Kevin Pho is social media’s leading physician voice, and his website on breaking medical news has over 100,000 subscribers on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and RSS. Quoting from his site:

“The Wall Street Journal calls a “punchy, prolific blog that chronicles America’s often dysfunctional health care system through the prism of a primary care provider,” while others have noted that “a lively comment stream on one of Kevin Pho’s posts provides more insight on the day-to-day realities of health care than any piece of journalism can ever hope to impart.” hailed as a “must-read blog,” and named @KevinMD as one of its five recommended health care Twitter feeds.”

I wrote a short post about the power of social media in a medical student’s world, citing my Stanford-NBC Global Health Media Fellowship as an example. The link to the guest post is here:

Big thanks to Dr. Enoch Choi for introducing me to Dr. Pho, and a huge thank you to Dr. Pho for giving me this opportunity to share my experiences with his large reader base!

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